Indices for Classic Steamboat Books

There are some great steamboat books around that can be very useful for research but their value as a reference work is limited because they had been published without an index. user Tom Jansing has started a project of writing indices for some of these books and generously offered to published it her for everyone to enjoy and use. Thanks very much to Tom for his dedication and great work!

Besides the indexes you might also want to download the explanations about formats and abbreviations that apply to all the indexes.

Author Title
Bates, Alan L. Belle of Louisville
Crocker, Helen Barter The Green River of Kentucky
Crowe-Carraco, Carol The Big Sandy
Gamble, J. Mack Steamboats on the Muskingum
Greene, Letha C. Long Live the Delta Queen
Swift, James V. Backing Hard Into River History
Way Jr., Frederick The Saga of the Delta Queen
Way Jr., Frederick She Takes the Horns

To download each index, please right-click on the links above and select “Save to …” from the context menu.
(More books will be added to this page as indexes for them are completed)