Lady Luck under-the-Hill

Natchez, Mississippi

The Lady Luck Natchez under-the-Hill is the only full scale, authentic recreation of a great 1860s sidewheeler of the Mississippi ever built. The replica seems to be built very authentic. She is now owned by the Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. and unfortunately the original, beautiful art on the paddle-wheel housing disappeared.

Lady Luck
Lady Luck as she looked like before Isle of Capri put their logo on the paddle-wheel housing

The smokestacks tower more than 101 feet above the river and the wonderful painting on the paddle box is a must look at. She is 300 feet long and 66 feet wide based on a 294 x 54 feet tank barge hull.

The Lady Luck serves as a floating casino but is without power and doesn’t move. There is 12,000 sq. ft. of casino space holding 550 slot machines and 30 tables for games of skill.