Vevay, IN

Life on the Ohio River History Museum

This very nicely accomplished museum is telling the story of Switzerland County’s unique position on the Ohio River, from the earliest flatboats to the rise and the fall of the steam packets and steam towboats. The museum is also featuring a couple of well crafted models made by Harold Patterson, a former actor on the Bryant’s New Showboat and native of Switzerland County.

Life on the Ohio River History Museum / Switzerland County Museum

Sternwheel Towboat Barbara H

Originally built as STANDARD for Standard Oil in 1923 and renamed DONALD B the sternwheel diesel towboat BARBARA H is the oldest operational sternwheel towboat in the nation. The BARARA H is privately owned but open for visitors on several occasions. Check the website for tours. Also owned by the Historic Sternwheel Preservation Society and currently under restoration is the former steam towboat LORETTA HOWARD (#T1634). Barbara and Steve Huffman are living in the house built by Captain Leon Ash, first master of the steam towboat JASON (#T1345), the last sternwheel towboat built for inland river service. The house next door was built by his father, Captain Joe Ash, who ran the Lamb – Carrolton ferry service for several years.

Barbara H.
Barbara H.

Historic Sternwheel Preservation Society, Inc.
11 Ashland Cove Road
Vevay, IN 47043

There is no public access to the boat, but the boat can be seen from the road.