Bellaire, OH

Mike Fink

The MIKE FINK began her career as the steam towboat JOHN W. HUBBARD (#T1444), later renamed CHARLES DORRANCE (#T0379). In 1967 Captain John Beatty bought the CHARLES DORRANCE and converted her into the restaurant MIKE FINK which opened in May 1968. In 1977 the Bernstein family bought the MIKE FINK and operated her as a restaurant on the Covington riverfront at the foot of the Suspension Bridge.

2019 she’s been sold to Bellaire Harbor Service where she’s supposed to serve ad shop barge in Bellaire, OH. The paddle-wheel of the MIKE FINK reportedly has been donated to the Ohio Valley River Museum in Clarington, OH.

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Mike Fink
Mike Fink at her former landing in Covington