The Steamboat Traveler

First of all, here are some basics for travelers looking for steamboat related points of interest and some good boat spotting tips. It’s also a good idea to check the river conditions and forcasts before heading out to discover.

The Travel Guide for Steamboat Fans

The good old time of steamboats is not over. It just got a little harder to find all the wonderful places that remind us of the best days of steamboats. Over the years we’ve recognized that there are many places, more or less hidden to the public or just not mentioned in mainstream tourist guides. There are a few real paddle-wheel steamboats still running on the rivers. There are a lot of small museums around that bear great steamboat history, mostly county museums or local exhibitions from the Chamber of Commerce and alike. And you’ll find wonderful river related people all along the rivers who are more than happy to tell you about steamboat history and their personal stories of the river and the boats.

How to use “Steamboat Traveler”

The entries are sorted first by river, then geographically starting at each river’s mouth, moving upstream. Just choose river and city in the navigation bar on the left.

Opening hours and admission fees are a subject of changes. All admission fees mentioned show the regular adult admission fee. Be aware that there are discounts for children, students, seniors in many cases. Please check the websites for current informations.

Help us!

If you encouter a steamboat related museum, or even a museum that also has some steamboat artifacts, a place along the rivers related to steamboat history like the birthplace of a famous river pilot, just to name a few examples, please let us know. And of course please let us also know when you find an entry incomplete or incorrect. e.g. opening hours of museums change frequently and we try to keep you updated here as good as possible.

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