Gifts for Steamboat Fans

Here is a little compilation of items suitable for presents for steamboating friends and family. Most of them are produced or sold by people who have a strong dedication to steamboats and the rivers, so choosing from this list will not only make wonderful and very special gifts but will also support members of our steamboating community. Enjoy.

Str. Natchez Gifts

What about refreshing some unforgettable memories with calliope music from the Natchez’ gift shop collection?
Str. Natchez Gift Shop
Pricing: from $3.00, calliope CD $20.00

Delta Queen Memories

Former Delta Queen crew member Jennifer Lemmon has published two great books filled with Delta Queen pictures and memories. There is a preview available for each book.
The Delta Queen – Steaming into History
River Life on the Legendary Delta Queen
Pricing: $ 25.00 to $ 49.00

Belle of Louisville Gifts

The gift shop of the Belle of Louisville steamboat holds a nice variety of gifts, such as a cute “How to be a True Steamboat Captain” kids t-shirt. Also available are gift certificates.
Belle of Louisville Gift Shoppe
Belle of Louisville Gift Certificate
Pricing: from $ 2.00 Book Store

And there are some relatively newly listed steamboat related books at Amazon you might be intereted in.

The Delta Queen Cookbook

The Delta Queen Cookbook brings the Delta Queen’s story to life with an engaging historical narrative and over 125 recipes prepared by the steamboat’s former chefs. The book also includes interviews with former crew, chefs, and passengers; over 90 historical and full-color photographs as well as vintage and modern menus.
The Delta Queen Cookbook
Pricing: $29.95, at $19.77

A Page Out of History

Former Delta Queen Riverlorian “Toots” Maloy’s journal from the transition cruise of the Delta Queen from New Orleans to Chattanooga, February 2009. 55 pages; also includes pictures from the Mississippi Queen.

To order this book, please contact Karen “Toots” Maloy by e-mail: karen_toots76 | at |

Pricing: $ 10.00 plus shipping cost

Jazzou Jones Music

An old-time favorite of all steamboaters is Thomas “Jazzou” Jones’ ragtime piano music, but Jazzou also offers a few CDs with Christian music you’ll probably like as much as the ragtime tunes. Check out his website and sound samples.
Jazzou Jones Ragtime Music (downloads $9, CDs $18)

Delta Queen Video DVDs

Jim Herron’s latest DVD set covers the so-called last cruise of the Delta Queen from Cincinnati to Memphis in October 2008.
Last Cruise of the Delta Queen DVDs
Pricing: $39.95