Community & Archive

The Message Board started in November 2001, when the Delta Queen Steamboat Company ran into deep financial trouble with a totally unclear future. It became a place for sharing concerns, discussing ideas and eventually a wonderful community of steamboat fans – which of course has been existing in „real life“ a long time before, and still does.

Join in and enjoy the community is like-minded people and many real steamboat experts. Reading the message board is open for everyone. If you want to participate actively, please sign up for a (free) user account. The only two things we ask for is: Please use your real name and be polite in all your postings. See our FAQ for more details about the message board rules.

Archive and Pictures of Special Events

Over the time, this wonderful community has been meeting in real live many times, in private events and at steamboat festivals like Tall Stacks. Here are some picture galleries from these meetings and events.

The Archive so far contains a few amazing pages from events featured on like the famous logbook of Captain Mike Williams from the DELTA QUEEN in 2002, preparing the boat for her return in service after the Delta Queen Steamboat Company did file for chapter 11.

You’ll also find photo albums of various steamboat related events, such as Tall Stacks 1999, 2003 and 2006, and from a legendary river ramble excursion led by JIM’S DREAM, “Wake of the AMERICA” in 2006.

Also in the archive is the blog that accompanied the Hurricane Katrina River Relief Tour of the Str. Natchez along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers in 2005.

One of the highlights of steamboating are steamboat races. The archive has pictures from a total of four different races:

Gifts for Steamboat Fans

We thought it’s a good place to mention our page with recommendations for some selected and very special gifts only steamboat fans are really happy about. These are mostly hard to find items, most of them you’ll probably not find at “Gifts for Steamboat Fans“.