Showboat Majestic

Portsmouth, OH

The MAJESTIC has been the last active historic showboat on the rivers until 2019 when the City of Cincinnati sold her.

In mid-February 2021 the MAJESTIC has been towed to New Richmond, OH, where it might stay for as long as ten years according to an agreement with the New Richmond Village Council. (reported by Cincinnati Enquirer on February 11, 2021) reports on January 1, 2024, the MAJESTIC being moored near Portsmouth, OH, in very bad conditions.

Built in 1923 the MAJESTIC and the sternwheel toawboat ATTABOY were sold to the Indiana University in 1959 and travelled along the Ohio River until 1965 when the Coast Guard decided that the wooden hull was too decrepit for travel. The boats were tied up at Jeffersonville, IN, where shows continued to be presented on the permanentely moored vessel until it was sold to Cincinnati in 1967, where the MAJESTIC has still been used as an old-time showboat until recently in Cincinnati before she’s been moved to Manchester, OH, end of 2019 by her new owner.