American Queen Voyage Announces Culinary Ambassador Regina Charboneau Partnership to Enhance Culinary Encounter Travel Experiences Across River, Lakes & Ocean, Expedition Cruising Offerings

American Queen Voyages is pleased to name Chef Regina Charboneau as Culinary Ambassador across River, Lakes & Ocean and Expedition cruise experiences. Announced today while hosting a private biscuit-making class of Virtuoso Cruise Icons at her cooking school in Natchez, Mississippi, the partnership will create regional culinary and encounter travel moments for the upcoming 2022 American Queen Voyages season.

“Unique culinary experiences are a cornerstone of encounter travel and anyone who has spent a few moments with Chef Regina at her cooking school, a culinary festival or been pulled into the kitchen to assist during one of her legendary dinner parties comes away with a memorable and inspiring moment,” shares Kari Tarnowski, senior vice president of marketing and sales, American Queen Voyages. “This partnership will transcend those moments beyond just the kitchen, across the rivers, Great Lakes, Alaska and more, offering unique experiences for guests to take away and also re-create in their own homes.”

As Culinary Ambassador, Charboneau will develop, share and tell the stories behind recipes inspired from the many ports American Queen Voyages sails from across North America. Her role will also include creating unique culinary experiences for guests both onboard and ashore throughout the season including special sailings featuring the chef and her culinary friends.
“I am so energized to partner with American Queen Voyages and share stories through cuisine, beyond just the Mississippi River, and North America’s great waterways of the Ohio and Columbia rivers, the Great Lakes and Alaska,” shares Charboneau on the partnership. “This collaboration with American Queen Voyages will provide experiences that guests can enjoy as they prepare for their journey onboard as well as upon their return to share with others.”

Charboneau is best known as the “Biscuit Queen of Natchez” and for her San Francisco restaurants Regina’s at the Regis and Biscuits & Blues, the latter opening an outpost in her Mississippi hometown. She is also the author of “Mississippi Currents: A Culinary Journey Down America’s Greatest River,” a meticulously researched collection of river recipes from St. Paul to New Orleans. Her Rolodex of culinary and entertainment icons is unrivaled with many she has mentored or simply offered a listening ear throughout her career. A little-known fact of Charboneau is that she made her professional culinary debut in Alaska and now looks forward to bringing her career full circle to North America’s last frontier once again.

In celebration of the partnership, Charboneau is sharing holiday recipes that represent River, Lakes & Ocean and Expedition experiences that can be easily created at home at the link:


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