American Extends Cruise with Comfort Plan and Protects Travel Advisor Commissions

American Cruise Lines announced today that it has extended its popular Cruise with Comfort program and will continue to protect 100% of travel advisor commissions on all Cruise with Comfort bookings. The program will now include all cruises departing through October 31st, 2020 and may be applied to both new and existing bookings. American implemented Cruise with Comfort earlier this year to provide flexibility to both guests and travel advisors, as they navigate the difficult travel decisions surrounding COVID-19.

Cruise with Comfort allows guests to cancel for any reason up to 24 hours before the start of their cruise and receive Cruise Vouchers for 100% of amounts paid. The plan has been popular among guests for the peace of mind it creates, and has been extremely well received by travel advisors because it protects all commissions based on the original sailing date. If a guest cancels their cruise, even just one day before traveling, the travel advisor is compensated fully for their work.

Earlier this year American also rolled out its Travel Advisor Assurance Plan which contains some of the most guest and agent friendly policies in the river cruise industry. Under the Travel Advisor Assurance Plan, commissions that are affected by Cruise with Comfort or by suspended cruise operations will be 100% commission protected for Cruise Vouchers issued.

“Our travel advisor partners have appreciated our commission policy in particular, because it compensates them sooner than later for their efforts,” said Susan Shultz, Vice President of Trade Relations for American. “Plus, Cruise with Comfort has helped advisors sell, because it allows guests the ability to cancel their cruise up to 24-hours before the cruise begins and still retain the full value of their cruise.”


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