Steamboat and River Related Organisations

steamboat, paddlewheeler and river related organisations

  • American Sternwheel Association
    The American Sternwheel Association, Inc., was founded in 1976 as a non-profit organization by a small group of sternwheel boat owners.
  • International Steamboat Society
    The International Steamboat Society by late Bill W. Mueller is offering great sources for steamboat owners and builders.
  • International Steamboat Society
    Formed in 1984 by Bill Mueller to facilitate information exchange, the ISS is now back and Steamboating Magazine will restart printing in Jan. 2006
  • North American Steam Boat Association
    The North American Steam Boat Association was founded by Charlie Roth, Tom Ray and others and is publishing the magazine "The Smokestack".
  • Northwest Steam Society
    Northwest Steam Society
  • Passenger Vessel Association
    The Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) is a dynamic trade organization focused on the issues and concerns most relevent to owners and operators of passenger vessels, manufacturers of maritime-related products and services, and other service companies dedicated to achieving a common goal...working to develop a superior business environment for all. Including links to members.
  • Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen
    non-profit organisation of steamboat enthusiasts, running their own museum and much more
  • The Steamship Historical Society of America
    The Steamship Historical Society of America

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