Delta Queen Sounds 

Listen to the bell and whistle of the Delta Queen: MP 3

The series of 3 x 3 bell strokes and the following whistle signal indicates the departure of the boat in about 30 minutes.

A specific article gives more details about the Delta Queen's roof bell.

The Whistle 

Many steamboat enthusiasts consider the sound of the Delta Queen's whistle as the most beautiful all along the rivers, like John Hartford praised the whistle's "deep, mellow sound" in his "Delta Queen Waltz".

The actual whistle seems to be the original Lukenheimer whistle, while the Delta Queen around 1950 for a while had the old whistle from the the Homer Smith (later renamed Chris Greene). Hear the Homer Smith / Chris Greene whistle. See also a letter of Capt. Tom Greene, discussing the whistle issue

A while ago the whistle was moved away from her original position at the smoke stack and is now located right behind the pilot house. There had been arguments that the vibrations of the whistle may cause soot being rattled loose in th smoke stack, causing a shower of soot over the passengers on the open decks. What ever the reason for these frequent soot shower had been, the issue is solved as of today.

Delta Queen Steam Whistle

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