Promotional Video about the DQ from the 1970s

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Here´s a 14 min promotional video from the 1970s about the DQ featuring Vic Tooker, Don Sanders, Ernest Wagner and many more including a song "Delta Queen My Time Machine" sung by John Hartford.

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Carmen, Thanks for the memories. Always enjoyed her passing our farm about dusk playing the steam piano with Captain Harry blowing a greeting for Rabbit Hash. Keep your steam up! Russ

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*RE: DQ Promotional Video*
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Thanks, Carmen and Russ for drawing attention to the 'promotional DQ video from the 1970s.' I saw it earlier but too busy here to respond/post. Yes, that fine video done with 'new thinking' in mind by then Betty Blake and the company to adapt to, adopt, update much-needed promotional efforts. What struck me viewing it was all of those we knew working on, with, in and around the DQ now long deceased. It was like looking in a sealed time capsule. Betty Blake knew the old approach of just print and brochure promotion on the boat had to be updated. The company also hired 'regional representatives' who traveled for the company then making contact with travel agencies, airlines etc. to construct links for the boat. Today most to all is done by internet web sites. What we see here just one of a number of promo productions produced then--and previously . This one focused on "The Time Machine" with the DELTA QUEEN. Sure, the DQ had many shortcomings then that Betty had to fess up to facing criticism making statements that caught up with her. She had to retract saying, "Take the DELTA QUEEN for what she is." There were other earlier promo videos than this and then later one promo for the then new MISSISSIPPI QUEEN. In the time Mrs. Letha Greene was still directly involved with/heading the company, I was asked to accompany her when she gave presentations to organizations, clubs, businesses here in Cincinnati and the general region. We would haul along a big fold down projector screen, electric cables, old style movie projector as some promos were both on film and video in those days years before we knew or dreamed about 'PowerPoint' technology. Letha Greene was always a true lady so discreet, professional, warm and kind in all she did. Again, thanks for posting the above link. Those were very interesting days. Also back then when the term "Steamboatin'" was used it had to follow direct (C) copyright laws. The term, Steamboatin' was far from original having been used by President Theodore Roosevelt.

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Thank you for posting this. I was all, OMG OMG it's the Sprague! How cool.
And all those underbelly engine room shots. I'm dizzy.