The day before the Delta Queen was to load for their first trip of the season the crew decided to save a little time. At 8 o'clock they left Gretna to cross the Mississippi to Robin Street Wharf. An officious character noticed that they were scheduled to arrive the next day, so he refused to allow the boat to land at New Orleans until 12:01 AM. He had no reason to suspect that terrorists were aboard. There was no question whether the crew were loyal American citizens. The boat was forced to paddle around the harbor until after 12:01 am, then was allowed to land. That was bureaucratic bullying sanctioned by the so-called Patriot Act, so a small-minded man showed those people on the boat who was boss!
I am not in favor of anarchy, but I do believe that that man should be imprisoned at Guantanimo Bay for a minimum of forty years and that the Patriot Act should be repealed forthwith.