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    Arabia Steamboat

    Several months ago I received a brochure from an elementary school classmate (CLASS of 1957) who lives in Los Alamos. She was visiting her son in Kansas City where she visited the Arabia Museum. She knew I was developing an interest in steamboats, thus the brochure.

    Last evening on the PBS Antique Roadshow they had a spot on the Arabia. It went into the finding and undigging the remains to salvage artifact. It was quite interest to me because of the brochure connection.

    Here are a couple of links:,

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    Several years ago the St. Louis county Library (Missouri) has for circulation a video (VHS) of the excavation of the Arabia and the museum. Unfortunately I don't reember who produced it, whether National Geographic or ?. It was MOST Interesting. I suggest checking with your local library to see if it can be borrowed on interlibrary loan, or maybe it is now on CD.

    In any event tracking it down would result in a much broader understanding of the effort and display of the artifacts.



      Thanks! I'm relatively new to steamboating and find the history of boats like the North River of CLERMONT, that I am personally researching, and the Arabia particularly interesting. It's amazing that the majority of the archeological efforts were taken on by private indivduals with a passion for the reclaiming the History of the Arabia. The fact that its remains were as far from the present Missouri River and as deep (40+ feet)is a testament to their passion.

      I'll certainly follow up on your lead. I have a friend who is into TV documentaries. He may be able to shorten my search for your VHS.
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