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Where are we now; and, where will we be in the future?

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  • R. Dale Flick
    *RE: Now & the future*
    Morning, steamboating colleagues,
    Yes, Russ, correct you are on lagging "activity" here over the summer. People busy, outside, on trips, lawn and garden work etc. Now that fall here I'm sure postings will pick up. Franz has provided a fine forum here and we owe him a great deal of thanks--also to Carmen--as web administrators in their own right. Only a few words at the annual S&D of Pioneer Rivermen meeting in September RE: current plight of the long languishing DELTA QUEEN. Yet, times are that no news is good news. One big lesson I've learned in this initiative
    is that written letters on paper with a stamp in an envelope RE: the DQ carries far more impact than incessant pleas to "phone your representative." E=Mails also helpful but usually not printed off in a manila folder for the congressional reps to see. Several responses I receive say, "Haven't we heard from you on this issue before? Who are these people involved in this?" Another said, "Now, what are your own personal views and information on this issue?" Important we hear only direct from those involved daily with the DQ in Houma and not 2nd and 3rd foggy information sources on the boat. With all going on now with expanding AMERICAN QUEEN Co., ACL and others it presents a totally new set and setting. Many will have questions often with other 'views' but they can't be hushed up all the time. Yet, we have hope.

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

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  • Where are we now; and, where will we be in the future?

    Morning all,

    It was very sad to see the lack of activity on these forums over the summer. No word on the DQ since May? Other topics dormant for over a month or two? This leads me to post this question in hopes a discussion will follow.

    Keep your steam up!

    Russ Ryle