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    W.P.SNYDER Jr.

    Real nice article in the Marietta Times as to the "kick off" party on Sat. April 28th. to begin the 100th year celebration of the Str. W.P. Snyder Jr. Food, drink and speakers at 7:00 p.m. All free!!

    Steamboating, colleagues.
    Hi, Bill. Yes, the big kickoff for the Str. W.P. SNYDER's 100th birthday was a stellar event last Saturday evening. Big crowd of locals, officials from OHS in Columbus, 'Friends of the Museum,' Marietta along with Officers/Boards of Governors [those who could attend]. The Ritts sisters presented a fine 'PowerPoint' presentation with photos of the SNYDER taken by their grandfather and father. Mrs. Woody 'Bee' Rutter spoke impromptu with her memories of riding the SNYDER down in 1955. Bee now the only living passenger of that trip. Many surprised the SNYDER delivery trip was over five days until the boat arrived and docked in Marietta. Bee said, "They ran out of coal with only a few lumps left. The whistle was blown until the pressure fell and it went 'WHOOOOoooo...pooofffff.'" Recent high water saw flooding of the Ohio River Museum grounds twice with mud left behind. Additional information will be forthcoming on plans for remodeling, rebuilding on the present site with accompanying 'new thinking' for the museum in general and the collection in particular. Jeff Spear, President of S&D, also had remarks of greeting from the organization.

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.