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Upper Ohio steamboat remnants

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    Upper Ohio steamboat remnants

    Does anyone know of any steamboat remains on the upper Ohio that can be explored? Im hoping to find something from Marietta north.

    *Exploring upper Ohio steamboats*
    Morning, steamboating colleagues,
    Interesting question, Mike, you ask and I have not one idea or knowledge. Perhaps somebody here up in that region would know. Jeff Spear and Taylor Abbott in the Marietta region. Somebody at the Ohio River Museum in Marietta or the adjoining Campus Martius Museum. Capt. Bill Judd possibly. I don't think you're going to find old steamboat remains like the BERTRAND or others. Different terrain, shore lines, geological soil, sand, gravel and rock consistency and differing river system here. Those in the Louisville district may know of old wrecks there but who knows? I'd guess many either pulled out to remove obstacles or now long deteriorated but for some metal fittings. In the past wrecks had metal, boilers and engines salvaged along with cargo.

    You'd also now be dealing with much higher level river pools due to the present higher lift locks and dams. Also what possible legal issues involved if you are searching out a boat of historical interest? Would you need permission from local city, county, state or Federal offices to do such a search other than for just your casual interest? Best wishes and keep us posted.

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.