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    Delta King history

    R. Dale got us going on DK history in the BELLE boiler thread, but I thought it might get lost, so here's a new thread. This article has no pictures, but gives a good history of the DK in Kitimat in the 1950s.

    DK website

    Here's the DK history on their hotel website:


      *Judy's DK web site/Article*
      WOW! Judy, thanks for the above link RE: DK history, Kitimai etc. I read it word for word finding the dates [1956] what I remembered. Interesting the DK was a step above from the usual worker barracks up there. Kitimai, in many ways, a frontier settlement growing up and around the aluminum works there. I did have a moment of pause reading in the history that the DELTA KING had operated on the Hudson River. [?!] The printed date of 1922 really when the initial discussions, plans for both DK/DQ design commenced. John Burns related to me that he "was there and recalled it vividly with my dad." [Jim Burns] John's account mentioned the first thinking began at a big annual July 4th celebration picnic for the 'California Transportation Co.' people [Those running the boats were on duty] when the subject was first mentioned by Capt. Anderson, company officials, stockholders and staff. Somebody later laughed, "Too much beer, California wine and good food at the company picnic." Again, what do I know?

      R. Dale Flick
      Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.
      PS> The artcle also nails down that the DK engines etc. had been removed previously. Good thing as later events mechanically with the DQ could have been disastrous. Letha Greene off-handedly commented to me years later, "There were several times when I thought it was all over with the boat."


        Delta King Place

        I found site site for Delta King Place "Supporting Independence for Seniors and People with disabilities in Kitimat." Their logo looks familiar, eh?
        Welcome to Delta King Place Housing Society located in Kitimat BC

        The National Geographic is dated September 1956.

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          article begins on pg 376, DK photo, b&w 386/7, interior room 390 color.


            *DK in NATGEO/Kitimat Etc.*
            Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
            WOW! Thanks to Wesley, Judy and Jim for their postings with a copy scan of that 1956 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE on Kitimat, the aluminum works, DK as a barracks boat. Sure brought back memories but sorry I no longer have that issue on my shelves. I had so many GEOGRAPHIC copies going back years they were taking over shelf space, the house. I donated most to all to schools for projects with kids cutting out photos. Art teachers made collages out of some. Another regret is I didn't save all the NATGEO issues through the World War II years. Yet, having the magazine on DVD is a miracle for research. I always loved reading all of the old steamship ads going way back. 1956 is now 61 years ago! Again, thanks to you guys.

            R. Dale Flick
            Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.


              NG September 1927 ran a nifty story on the 1927 Flood on the Lower Miss. A few interesting ads from that issue: PACKARD 'Ask the Man Who Ones One'; American Mail Line Dollar Steamship Line-a full page B&W ad; D & C Steamers, Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Company, the Greater Detroit & Greater Buffalo.

              Greene Line Steamers did advertise in NG, seems to me usually in early spring. I could not locate an issue with their ad (of the few issues I have collected mostly for the nifty travel (Railroad & Steamship) and Automobile ads.

              Dale, do the DVD versions of NG contain the ads per original issues?


                Yes, the DK odyssey did help the DQ survive. Before going to Alaska, the wheel and engines were removed, mostly to lighten the load, I suspect and left at the shipyard near Antioch, where, a few years later they were "handy" to rescue the DQ who had "run through herself." I know, not 100% correct there, but onward. . . Rather then just get the parts they need then, the Greene's got all that was there. This proved fortuitous years later when she was blown into the bank and apparently stressed her shaft enough that it later cracked.
                So, the boilers were left in, to provide heat. They survived the Alaska adventure, and while I haven't found any proof yet, I think they were scrapped while the DK was in Rio Vista. The original stack ended up across the river in Isleton where it still stands, being used for a storage shed! Yes, I believe the owner knows what it is, as when the DK was finally being restored, he refused to sell it to them. The DK now has a complete replica wheel and Stack, although both are cosmetic only. Well, partly true, when the built the new wheel, they thought the river current would turn it, so it would look like it was doing something. Well, that idea failed, so they hooked a small electric motor to the shaft through a chain drive. Well, it really is a wheel, but it rides on very much smaller roller bearings and the torque of the wheel trying to move water was enough to break the shaft where it is necked down to fit the bearings. So, so much for THAT idea.
                I posted pics of this way back in '07, but I don't have the pics anymore (computer crash) maybe there is some way to repost them in this thread??


                  *NATGEO Mag on DVD/Period ads*
                  Hi, Jim. Yes, the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE now on DVDs do show advertisements. Thought I was the only one back then who read the fine ads along with the feature articles. GREENE LINE did advertise but the print spot was small and just black/white print. Right about the D&C LINE, CANADIAN STEAMSHIP, CUNARD LINE ["Getting there is half the fun"], US LINES, MATSON, APL, MOORE MCCORMACK, UNITED FRUIT, FRENCH LINE, ITALIAN LINE, CANADIAN PACIFIC, AMERICAN EXPORT etc. The railroad ads also fetching to me as a kid.
                  You can type on line NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE on DVD and it pops right up. Also web links to NATGEO TV programs.

                  R. Dale Flick
                  Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati


                    Before getting too off track and deep in the weeds I found a GLS ad in the NG March 1962 issue (1/4 pg B&W):


                    Here's Your Opportunity! Aboard the SS Delta Queen America's only Luxury River Steamboat With Staterooms for Extended Cruises. Air Conditioned

                    First Rate Accomodations, Southern Style Food, Shipboard Entertainment, Personal Service, Shore Stops.

                    1962 Cruise Schedule

                    New Orleans, 20 Days: 5 trips by date, Fare $340 up.
                    Reelfoot Lake, Tenn: 10 days, 1 trip, Fare $170 up.
                    Pittsburg, 10 days, 1 trip, $170 up.
                    Kentucky Lake, 7 days, 10 trips,$115 up
                    St. Paul, 20 days, 1 trip (8 September) $340 up

                    All fares plus tax. All trips start and end in Cincinnati.

                    Greene Line Steamers, 311 Public Landing. 3/4 stern view, stbd side forward.


                      *NG's DQ ads year 1962*
                      Morning, Steamboating colleagues:
                      Thanks, Jim, for the update on ads in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magazine, March, 1962. KEERECK! you are as this ad larger with more information, 1/4th Pg. in B/W. Ad print space, graphic, text expensive then as now in leading publications. The NATGEO DVDs of past issues great for resource/research--but you'll pay for it. Again, I'm kicking the can over having to discard, give away all those shelves of NATGEO issues at home before moving, but enough was enough. I selectively saved a few classic or anniversary issues.

                      Remember some of those World War II railroad ads in NATGEO, and other magazines, showing well-heeled business men smoking cigars and then the text, "Be considerate. Give your Pulman bunk to a deserving solider or sailor heading to war." Or, "The rails move the weapons of war!" Cheers!

                      R. Dale Flick
                      Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, cincinnati