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    Hi Denny. Sorry to the delay in the thread. We have been pretty busy lately. The boys and the boat made it to Dakota Dunes, SD. Here they encountered very low water levels. The vessel was parked for a couple of weeks until more water was released from the dams. Caleb headed back and made the journey up the toughest part of the Missouri River (Dakota Dunes to Vermillion, SD). He lost power to the port engine when the chain broke, he was forced to keep moving forward only with the Starboard running. (this meant he was moving less than 1 mph). He decided to pull out at Vermillion, SD and attempt to fix the motor, His intention to get around the dams was to put the boat on low boy trailer and drive up and around the dams. However, the boat weighed far more than was disclosed. She was said to weigh approx. 40,000 lbs. When the moving company put her on the commercial scale, she weighed 120,000 lbs!! Therefore, the wheel house was removed, the paddles had to be removed, and various other parts of the boat (railings, anything heavy metal). Therefore, as you know, since the paddles propel the boat, and having to replace everything, Caleb made the decision to drive the boat the entire way to Pierre, SD rather than keep motoring up river. He has been gone three months on this adventure and needs her home. He needs to get back to his other businesses and bring in some money as he is tapped out. It was a long journey and he's very disappointed he could not have motored up river the entire way home. If you would like to read about the journey. He did almost daily journal entries on his facebook page.

    Thank you for following. He hopes the boat will be all put back together and operating by May 3rd.

    Originally posted by Denny Hamilton View Post
    This quick thread seems to have died. Is the boat still making progress on the Missouri River? If so, where is the boat at now, and how is it getting around the Mo River dams?