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Capt. Hughes' Sketchbook

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    Capt. Hughes' Sketchbook

    I need your help again, does anyone have a copy of "Capt. Hughes' Sketchbook", a book published years ago of Jesse Hughes paintings and drawings? If so I need someone to scan one drawing and email it to me. It's the sketch showing low water on the Ohio. As I remember it it shows the CRICKET having to stop in the middle of the river while a farmer in a horse drawn wagon crosses the river in front of the boat. That picture illustrates low water. I want to use it in the DVD I'm doing for the Howard Museum. Loretta Howard was very involved in the Ohio Valley Improvement Association, a lobby group that lobbied congress for funds to build the Ohio River locks and dams. Very few people today know that in times of drought the river would practically dry up and all navigation would come to a complete halt, because of the efforts of the OVIA and active members such as Mrs. Howard that we got year around 9
    If you can think of or have any other pictures that illustrate what I'm trying to show they would be greatly appreciated................Also I need a good picture of a wicket dam and lock.

    *RE: Capt. Hughes' Stetchbook*
    Steamboating colleagues:
    Jim, must again be 'telepathy' with you there in Florida, me here in Cincinnati as I was musing over the sketchbook the other day Capt. Jesse Hughes produced with his artistic skill. I Have a copy or two here in my library. I'll pull the book, try to make a good scan on my hp ENVY 5530 and send off to you via E=Mail. This 1951 publication was printed under the name 'The Picture Marine Publishing Co.' then a division of YOUNG & KLEIN here in Cincinnati who also produced a number of Capt. Fred Way's books. Friend Ben Klein produced Fred Way's 'Saga of the DELTA QUEEN' in 1951 among others. Not a clue now as to what the book price was then, but certainly not much. Measures 11 X 8 1/2 inches. Capt. Fred Way wrote the 'Forward.' Again, nobody has gotten rich lately off of steamboat books. Mark Twain may, but his books, sketches embroidered, drew out characters based in fact but amplified in fiction. My copy of the Jesse Hughes work in sprial plastic binder here personally dedicated/autographed by Capt. Jesse in 1954. So, give me time here and I'll get cracking.

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.


      re: Capt. Jesse Hughes Book


      Can I please have a digital copy for my library, too?

      Keep your steam up!

      Russ Ryle


        *Jesse Hughes scrapbook/Str. CRICKET*
        Morning, Russ,
        Yes, send me your E=Mail via a 'private message' from here and I'll do a 'Forward' to you of the Str. CRICKET from Capt. Jesse's art scrapbook. I never could master how to post photos to this web with any success.

        I quickly pulled the Hughes art folio, scanned and did a 'Forward' to Jim Reising yesterday within 15 minutes. Cheers!

        R. Dale Flick
        Ole Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.