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Steam Towboat 'Myrtle Corey' Drawings

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    Steam Towboat 'Myrtle Corey' Drawings

    Hi all,

    As I'm sure most of you have seen, the model company Dumas has kits available for a beautiful replica of the sternwheel towboat Myrtle Corey. Within the kit is a set of line drawings of the vessel itself. Would anyone here have copies of these drawings they could post here?

    In addition, I do not own a copy of the 'Ways Towboat Directory'. Could someone check what information the book has about the Myrtle Corey? I would be specifically interested in any hull dimensions listed.

    I have included a still image of the boat from the UW La Crosse archives. Thanks for the help!

    W. Dancey
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    Way's Towboat Directory lists the hull dimensions at 51.8' x 12' x 2'.


      I don't have copies of the Dumas drawings but the GOOD drawings were done by the late Bill Wiseman for a very accurate model he built. Those copyrighted drawings now belong to the Smithsonian and are (I think) listed in their plans catalog. For details about ordering prints you need to contact the Maritime curator Paul Johnston. His phone # is 202 633 3909. Ways Directory lists her hull as 51.8 x 12 x 2.