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Steam crane on barge from steamboat - location ID?

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    Steam crane on barge from steamboat - location ID?

    Hi all, need help again with some identification... this photo appears (from the canopy) to be shot from a steam riverboat, and shows a steam-powered crane on a barge...but where is this fortress? Any help would be appreciated!!!

    This looks like Fort Wool in Hampton Roads. The boat is likely a ferry from Hampton to Norfolk.

    Information and photos here including this quote All of the original fort, except 8 casemates, was demolished. Fort Wool site photos



      *Steam crane/Fort Wool?"
      Steamboating colleagues:
      Good question Alan poses with picture link followed by Wesley's comments. I don't know a thing about Ft. Wool and will click the above to view it later. I don't know much, but opine the "steam crane on a barge" possibly doing work on a sectional caisson around the impressive stone structure. The caisson in this case 'could' be wood. Usually steam cranes or boats lifting, lowering wickets on the older Ohio River dams didn't have a name but, in many cases, a number. Times when the crew did give them a pet name with all the meanings of said names entail. Heck, what do I know?

      R. Dale Flick
      Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.