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Looking for information on Ralph Horton

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    Looking for information on Ralph Horton

    Good Afternoon,

    I am the only grand daughter of Ralph Horton (1903-1978) who was an engineer on the Island Queen and the Delta Queen. I never knew my grandfather when he wasn't ill with Alzheimer's, however we had a great relationship during the years I was lucky enough to know him. He would tell me many stories of his life on the river. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1978 when I was only 11 years old. So I am desperately trying to get as much information and pictures as I can of him and his life. He left Madison and my Grandma around the early 60's and lived with Virginia Bennett before he became too ill and needed additional care. Prior to this, my Dad took all of us (wife and kids) to Grandpa and Virginia's place for dinner. It is unfortunate, that I was too little and don't remember this meeting.

    My father, Donald Ralph Horton is 85 and recently diagnosed with early Alzheimer's. He LOVES to talk about his dad and the river, so I am trying to get even more information together to give him. Talking about this time in his life, seems to mean the world to him. The information that I have been able to confirm is as follows:

    *Ralph's father, John William "Billy" Horton was the Chief Engineer on the Trimble for 34 years

    *Ralph was on the Chris Green, Island Queen and Delta Queen

    *Ralph's son, William Robert "Billy" Horton was on the Island Queen when it blew up / he survived but was killed in an automobile accident in 1951

    *Ralph's brother, Norval C. Horton was on several boats to include Island Queen, Island Princess, Tom Greene, etc.

    *Ralph's sister, Margaret "Babe" was also very close to him and the river. FYI: I was the 1st female born into the family after Babe - we were 67 years apart!!

    If anyone has stories, pictures, documents regarding my family - I would greatly appreciate having this information.

    Thank you -

    Jane Horton Weixelbaum