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A Centennial Observance

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    A Centennial Observance

    A whistle salute to the memory of Capt. C.W. Stoll, who would be 100 YEARS OLD today!

    C.W. passed away in December, 2001 at the age of 85. The Howard Steamboat Museum is honored to house his collection of river books, artifacts and other ephemera.

    C.W. was a good friend, he hired Kenny Howe and myself our first jobs on the river, the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE. He knew we "got" steamboats; CW would help any young person who "got" steamboats. If it weren't for him guiding the BELLE'S board those first years of operation, I doubt the BELLE would be here today.
    A long and loud whistle salute to fine man.
    Picture: a young CW and his wife, Marijane, aboard the GOLDEN EAGLE
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      Thanks Jimmy! That photo of C.W. and Marijane aboard the GOLDEN EAGLE was taken in 1941, after the boat sank (the first time) at Chester, Illinois. When the image (taken by Richard Lemen) was snapped, the river had dropped drastically and the "GOLDIE" was high and dry. She was renovated to run again until her final sinking in 1947 at Grand Tower Towhead.

      Indeed, C.W. was a renaissance man. Besides our love of steamboats, we shared an intense infatuation for pipe organs --- both of us subscribing to the theory that there is NO such thing as a pipe organ that is TOO LOUD!

      It was my privilege and honor to give the talk about C.W. at the program (here at the HSM) to dedicate the memorial bookcase and exhibit in 2005. Even the BELLE joined in the festivities, pausing in front of the museum and blowing a long whistle salute!