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Obituary of 4th generation Streckfus

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    Obituary of 4th generation Streckfus

    Capt. George Streckfus Clark was the grandson of Capt. Verne, the youngest of the Commodore's sons. Capt. Verne's base was New Orleans on the CAPITOL and PRESIDENT. "Streck" was the son of Verne's daughter Patsy and he continued the river tradition, but on towboats rather than excursions. I never met him, and in fact didn't know anything about him until I researched my articles for the Reflector several years ago. But he was obviously a Streckfus: river and family being his life...

    George Clark Obituary - Lexington, SC | The New Orleans Advocate

    *RE: "4th generaton Streckfus*
    Judy, many thanks for posting the above obituary for Capt. George Streckfus Clark. All part of the passing river scene and record. Your S&D REFLECTOR articles severeal years informative, well written.

    Way, way back in my undergraduate years here at University of Cincinnati there was a fellow student in one of my seminars. Immediated her name Streckfus caught my ear. We talked at lunch break many a day. For the life of me I can't recall her first name now but she was of the St. Louis Streckfus line saying to me, "You are the only one here in Cincinnati who has every recognized my name from links to the river." Now that was a L-O-N-G time ago now like 50 plus years. Cheers!

    R.Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati