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Lost Art of a Tug Boat Captain

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    Lost Art of a Tug Boat Captain

    Hello Everyone

    I am new to your forum. I am trying to recover some Art that was sold recently at Selkirk auction house that belonged to my Brother. One of the pieces was inscribed to him personally " Last Packet North" by Michael Blaser. Its dedicated to Captn Ed Meyer.

    "Becky Thacher" by James Godwin Scott and another piece by Gretchen Brigham were also included.

    I am of course willing to pay for it.

    Couldn't think of any better place to try.

    Thank you. As you were.


    *Selkirk Auction House, St. Louis/On line*
    Dear William,
    Interesting appeal you make above RE: "trying to recover some art that was sold." There are very keen eyes, knowing minds on this web [I'm not one of them] who possibly could give you leads 'off line and private' regarding any of the above art works you mention. I'm not familiar with any of the 'dynamics' you have in this quest but have seen issues like this here in Cincinnati. I accent 'off line and private' so as not to become involved in any art sale issue with personalities and legalities that could draw people in.

    I went on line finding more than a few web sites on 'Selkirk Appraisers & Auction' in St. Louis you may want to consult. Possible that concern has records of sales for the art you mention. Hard to say what 'issues' you may be facing but I'd start with Selkirt. One hard fact to swallow is that "possession isn't always 9/10ths of the law." Said concern may--and I accent MAY--give you leads on to whom sold--but don't always count on it as most sales upon completion are 'final and private.' Cases can get very sticky legally on the provenace, sale or dispersal of art or antiques from an estate. Good luck and let us know. Again, what do I know?

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati