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Another River Historian Departs...

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    Another River Historian Departs...

    Just received news of the passing, on March 13, of Susan Howarth Eastman, of Alton, Illinois, at age 79, after a long illness. Sue was a wonderful historian and author. She taught history classes at Alton High School for 25 years. For some years she was a correspondent for The Waterways Journal and compiled the annual review. In the mid 1970s Sue established the River Room at the Alton Museum of History & Art -- and later maintained the exhibits at Mel Price Locks and Dam. Like yours truly, Sue was another who came under the influence and mentoring of beloved St. Louis teacher, river historian and museum curator, Miss Ruth Ferris.

    Sue was a longtime member of the Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen and the Midwest Riverboat Buffs. A memorial gathering will be held later this summer. Memorial donations may be sent to St. Paul's Episcopal Church at Alton.

    A whistle salute to the memory of another fine river historian.

    *Passing of Susan Howarth Eastman*
    Keith, many thanks for your always kind notice on the passing of river people we have known with your above RE: Susan Howarth Eastman. What accomplishments she has to her name. Time passes all too quickly with me shocked seeing Susan was 79. Time and tide--and flowing muddy river water--wait for none. Doesn't seem possible. Susan was a fixture at many S&D meetings and those here who never met her missed another 'grand original.' The legacy of Miss Ruth Ferris took root in not only Sue but you, John Hartford and, no doubt, many more. What greater legacy could any person have left 'planting the seeds of the fruit.' We'll miss you Sue. Have a great steamboat trip with a whistle salute and don't look back.

    R. Dale Flick
    Old coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati