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I am wanting info on Des Moines Rapids in 1840's

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    I am wanting info on Des Moines Rapids in 1840's

    Can anyone point me to info regarding the state of transportation on the river in the 1840's near Keokuk and Warsaw and Nauvoo.

    1. The rapids weren't tamed and the lateral canal was not built, so was river traffic limited to just the high water months -about 4 months a year?
    2. There is talk about off loading riverboats, moving people and cargo upstream on the shore via wagons due to the des moines rapids, then would they get on the same ship or a new one?
    3. Was this always done on the Keokuk side or some on the Warsaw Illinois side? Warsaw had some prosperity with the river, yet from what I have read the channel wasn't good on their side.
    4. What types of boats moved people up past the des moines rapids.. I am reading of steamships bringing 1000's of settlers in May and June 1844 to Nauvoo. These aren't flat boats... what was big enough to carry that many people (or in groups) and make it past the Rapids.
    Thanks in Advance.