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A C.W. Stoll story

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    A C.W. Stoll story

    The mention, on Facebook, of the Stoll Oil dock in Louisville reminded me of a story Doc Carr used to love to tell about C,W.; Tom Greene gave CW a job as third clerk on the GORDON C. GREENE while CW was on summer break from college. One time when the boat was at Evansville Tom told CW to go up in town and call his dad to tell him the boat would be taking on about 5000 gal of Bunker C the next day when they got to Louisville. When CW got back from completing this mission he went straight to the boats office and demanded $1.40 to pay for the cost of the long distance call. Tom Greene exploded "that cheap so an so...I give him a job, I buy thousands of dollars in fuel from his dad every year and he can't pay for a phone call".

    *Yet another C.W. Stoll story*
    Steamboating colleagues,
    Jim, the above 'C.W. Stoll story' no doubt one of many that could be told. C.W. was a true 'grand original' many of us knew going way back. And no more talented man could be found in more than one interest or endeavor from business to steamboats, music, art, politics. C.W. could at first rather intimidate 'newbies' to the world of steamboats; yet once they knew him all was fine. C.W.'s saying, "You either 'get it' about steamboats or you don't."

    The late Virginia Bennett knew C.W. for years. C.W. not only served as 3rd Clerk on the GORDON C. GREENE but also stood duty on the CHRIS & TOM GREENE in their auto ferrying days when needed at varying times. One time, according to Virginia, the CHRIS came steaming--or rather nearly limping--into Louisville with some mechanical pump/piping problem aboard that cut all hot water off to the cook house, crew quarters and showers. Word traveled fast then with the crew and passengers on the GORDON standing at the rail watching the CHRIS come in wheezing. Her crew looked bedragled and in need of a good hot shower after several days of tinkering. Somebody saw C.W. on the CHRIS and in a chiding way shouted over with several waving hankerchiefs, "Oh, C.W. Yooohooo! we hear you all are having a wonderful time over there clean and cozy. Are you having fun?" C.W. naturally was cowed to no end with red face. Once tied up, C.W. made a bee line home from the landing in Louisville for a long, hot shower, change of clean clothes. Seems to me C.W. once told us the very first steamboat he stepped on was the old SOUTHLAND. That's the way of steamboatin.'

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati