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New TV Series To Bring Abandoned Boat Back to Life.

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  • Judy Patsch
    Boomtown Belle

    Can't call it a real riverboat - it was a casino on the Harvey Canal, whose cruising career might have been a month or two. It was infamous for it's captain's excuse for not cruising at night: "It's dark out there." I think when she went out, it was only a few hundred yards. Louisiana caved in faster than any other state to the gambling companies to allow dockside.

    As to the idea of restoring a boat, great, but to say it has to hold 1000 or more passengers basically limits it to one of the ugly discarded casino boats, which as I said, weren't much as boats. Too bad you won't go for a smaller vessel, such as the CASINO ROCK ISLAND, which is fleeted on the Illinois River just above Peoria, at Hamms Holiday Harbor Marina, mile 178.6, still owned by Jumers I believe. She has beautiful lines of a boat and an operating paddlewheel, but I believe her capacity was about 600. She would be a gem operating on the rivers again.

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  • Ron Anderson
    That is one uuuugly riverboat! :-)

    Just the way I like em.

    But ooooh I can't wait to see the program.
    Be sure to let us know if n' when it airs!

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  • New TV Series To Bring Abandoned Boat Back to Life.

    Hi All!

    I work for a major TV production company currently developing a very ambitious documentary series for cable about bringing a grand old riverboat back to life. We are currently seeking a couple important things for the series and hoping you folks on this forum can help.

    First we are looking at abandoned riverboats that can carry a 1000 people or more - could be anywhere in the U.S.

    Second is the restoration crew that bring the boat back to life. Crew needs to not only know how to restore the boats but also have a lot of personality. People that not only have a passion for riverboats but are also not shy around cameras.

    Attached is a photo of the Boomtown Belle in Belle Chasse LA - we have our eye on this one but so far have struck out as to who owns it. I have the VIN number but no owner info.

    If anyone has a suggestion of a boat or a crew - please contact us asap at or a private message on this site and tell us about it!
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