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New TV Series To Bring Abandoned Boat Back to Life.

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    re Jeffrey Williams post

    Hi Jeffrey. In regards to the Mammie S Barrett several years ago Keith Norrington from Howard Steamboat Museum was looking into bringing her down to the musems grounds and possible restoration. He gave up on the idea as due to cost and insurance problems.There was a statement made some time ago the Board of Directors for the Howard does not want to pursue this any more.PERIOD. There was a smaller float made of The Belle of Louisville last fall for the big riverfest in Louiville Ky.In talking with Linda Harris the former CEO for The Belle.They transporting the float back after the festival an it crashed into a bridge an was demolished. They say there is not much of the Mammie left to restore.Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fl 33064



      I have been very well aware of the fate and efforts on the Mamie S. Barrett. Keith and I have discussed this at length over the years. I've also had a few conversations with the person who owns the land that she's been beached at. The problem, like all preservation projects here, is one of money.


        RE Mammie S Barrett

        Mammie S.Barrett Hi Jeff re you recent post. You should be applauded for your efforts. We need to restore these old icons for present an future generations.Would fundraising be of any help such as being done with the Delta Queen an Goldenrod?I cannot imagine what that would cost. That is what Atlas Media out of Burbank Calif. is attempting to do for a 5 season Thanks for posting Carole M Pompano Beach Fla.