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One of my favorite steamboat pictures

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    One of my favorite steamboat pictures

    In 1906 Capt. Jim Howard posed the brand new Louisville-Evansville Mail Line sidewheel MORNING STAR for this dramatic picture. Hope you enjoy.
    This picture is part of the Howard Museum collection.
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    *RE: The Howard Yards MORNING STAR*
    Steamboating colleagues,
    WOW! Jim, you really caught my attention with the above photo snapped by Jim Howard of the then new sidewheeler MORNING STAR. Ages ago as a kid, Loretta Howard handed me a couple of photo prints of the MS as a gift while visiting the museum. I've treasured those photos since then. Loretta said, "I can't believe the interest you young people today have in all of this old steamboat stuff." Seems to me Jim Howard, with his trusty camera, did more than one of the boat in a series while she tooled around in Jeffersonville prio to steaming in her new trade the LOUISVILLE & EVANSVILLE PACKET CO. There's another showing her broadside, port side lined up in the sun all new, pristine and white. One beautiful boat for sure with sidewheelers like this for conventional packet/passenger trade already becoming a rare sight becoming extinct in a matter of years.

    You mention the date as 1906. My photo, and Capt. Fred Way's classic PACKET DIRECTORY, Pg. 332, Entry No. 4043, list her as built 1901. Fred gives the boat one big 'blow' with statistics, history. Capt. Walter Blair bought her in 1910 at Jeffersonville and had her 'extended' here at Cincinnati. I have a photo of her here laid at the yards being finished, painted after the extension with her not looking bad at all in spite of old heads on the river then stating otherwise. CONEY ISLAND CO. bought her for service as replacement for the PRINCESS lost in the big 1918 ice. She was lost in the big steamboat fire here in 1922. CONEY ISLAND CO. gave her bell while she was operating to the GENERAL WOOD with her getting the bell from the CITY OF CINCINNATI also lost in the 1918 ice.

    In 1915 she made 'tourist' trips to New Orleans being one of the other boats Fred Way mentioned as "testing the waters in the all tourist trade." This discussed in a lenghtening thread on recently. Capt. 'Billy' Lepper one of her early pursers who went on to a long river career among most to all the last of the big sidewheelers. I have a private edition of Lepper's memoirs here. Lepper also captain on the QUEEN CITY when she went KERPLUNK hitting an obstruction, sinking at Louisville on a Mardi Gras trip I 'thnk' in 1914. Another famous person aboard her in 1914 was Donald T. Wright serving as clerk later of great fame with the WATERWAYS JOURNAL. How many here met, remember Donald and Pearl Wright? And when they threw a party on the DELTA QUEEN it was something. Donald Wright, even in the deep throes of a party, had his subscription pad in hand to sign up WWJ subscribers. "How do you know about the MORNING STAR?" Donald asked me as a 19 year old on the DQ. You made my day with the above photo. Are there others you could share? Well, again, what do I know?

    R. Dale Flick
    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati


      Dale...fat fingers and poor memory, 1901 is correct.