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    MORE on the MAMIE

    UPDATE on the Str. MAMIE S. BARRETT:

    Earlier this week I was contacted at the Howard Steamboat Museum by the daughter of the late owner of the property where the MAMIE has been beached (since 1994) in a cutoff of the Mississippi River at Deer Park, Louisiana.

    Anyone interested in acquiring the derelict riverboat is invited to contact:

    Ms. Sharon McMurry Heimbach

    The MAMIE S. BARRETT was built at the Howard Shipyard in 1921 and was later renamed PENNIMAN by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Retired in 1948, the sternwheeler served as a boat club/restaurant at West Alton, Missouri; Eddyville, Kentucky and Vicksburg, Mississippi.

    11 years too late...

    Hard to believe it was 11 or 12 years ago when I made an effort to rescue the Mamie for use here as a wharfboat for the Barbara H. Logistical problems prevented it from being doable, and the former owner thought the Mamie was made of gold.

    Instead I was fortunate enough to find the former Str. D.W. Wisherd (ex Loretta Howard) languishing only 9 miles away, and got it. The Mamie was a bit more desirable because it had not been dismantled as much as the Loretta Howard, but it wasn't meant to be.

    I sold the Loretta Howard in March '12 and it went to Mobile, AL. Recently I discovered (via satellite imagery) that they have stripped the main cabin off the Howard, and she is merely a deck barge now...


      Subject of my Senior Thesis

      The Mamie was the subject of my senior thesis when I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in History from Concordia University-St. Paul in 2011. I sent an email of inquiry to Ms. Heimbach who pretty much said to "Make an offer." I replied that I'm working on the plan and will come back at a later date.

      That being said, this IS our last opportunity to save this historic vessel. I'll be working on some stuff in the background in the next month or so. I'll keep you updated as things progress - but then will really need your help in spreading the word.

      Keith - Thanks for passing this information along.



        I see the Howard Stmbt. Museum /Keith Norrington had at one time attempted to aquire the Mamie for the museum in the early part of 2000.I have been looking on line for them for some time and its like looking for a needle I a haystack. There are some on Steampunk Empire but they are either too big to far gone or too nuch money.I had an idea.Couldnt the Mamie be split in 1/2 0r 3 pcs put on a flatbed an brought to the museum that way?Then re attach the pcs and refurbished on site?I suppose there is something wrong with my idea.Boat too old to do this or insurance costs like national debt.excuse my spelling. I am also a supporter if Jacob Medfords Goldenrod and a huge supporter of the Delta Queen hoping Jay Rockefeller will soon come to his senses and get going on Bill S1022 like yesterday.Carole Matthews new member so delighted to have found and be able to post.


          Good luck Jeff!

          And if you should go down to Deer Park (17 miles below Vidalia, LA - opposite Natchez) do be careful as the locals have long admonished visitors that the old boat is "crawling" with cottonmouths and other critters. An occasional alligator has been seen in the area as well!


            The HSM board of directors LONG AGO decreed that we have neither the monetary means nor the space on land or river for the MAMIE. And marine surveyors (one of them the grandson of the boat's former master) inspected and found the steel hull to have virtually NO integrity. We, at one time, inquired about the possibility of acquiring the pilothouse, but it was a dead end and we ended up building our own, which does contain an authentic pilotwheel, whistle and recycled windows from the pilothouse of the BELLE of LOUISVILLE.

            Best wishes and good luck to anyone who takes on the MAMIE as a project!


              Quickly Deteriorating

              The poor MAMIE is quickly become less and less stable. In the flood of 1997, the MAMIE actually still floated, so if it has no integrity now, then it must quickly be diminishing. In order to renovate the MAMIE, you'd have to replace hull, repaint vessel, replace engines and boilers, replace smokestacks, redo flooring, do lots of repairing of the pilothouse, replace paddlewheel, etc. It would cost a daunting amount of money. The task would only be less difficult than the task of actually building a steamboat from scratch, if not the other way around. Though, I would love to the MAMIE all spiffy, as part of our great waterways again. Good luck,


                Mamie re Marcus Lynn msg

                That is really sad and assume you are right. Would be easier to build one on site. By the way Marcus that was a fabulous picture of the Belle OF Louisville float in the parade at Centennial of Riverboats in Louisville Ky Oct 14 to 19 I have a question.And by the way all your pictures were fantastic.What happens to the floats when they have served their purpose?Could it be donated to a museum?Say like the one in Jeffersonville Ind? Just a passing thought but thought I would toss it in. Carole Matthews Probably not? Too much red tape?



                  Boy, would it make a good Halloween ghost boat, critters and all!


                    Belle of Louisville Parade Float

                    Hmm... that's an interesting question that I've never thought about. My guess is it's either scrapped or will be saved for later purposes... perhaps its auctioned off. I honestly don't know.


                      Belle of Louisville Parade float

                      Marcus I checked into the parade float with Linda Harris CEO Belle of Louisville as I thought I had good idea.I had read somewhere Keith at the HOWARD Museum sometime back was looking for an on site display riverboat.Guess it is not that easy most of tmhem are too far gone too big too small an there is the insurancento be consmidered plus it apparently has to be approved by the Board of Directors of the museum.So not a easy task.But anyhow back to the Belle of L parade float. Linda Harris said it was going under a bridge an was too high so was completely totaled-nothing left got smashed to pcs What a shame it was so neat looking in your picture,I will keep looking I guess but do not hold much hope. What is needed is a rich person who would like to donate for such a project as apparently the Howard is not able to fund it.So I am just a poor little riverboat enthusiast exc spelling but I wish some of these wonderful old boats could be saved as when they are gone they are gone forever.IF I can help in any way advise. PS Read the posts on the Mamie frm earlier today Carole Matthews frm South Fla. excuse spelling please and again your pictures were outstanding


                        Howard Steamboat Museum

                        Thank you for thinking of the Howard Museum. However, we do not wish to acquire "anything and everything" that even remotely resembles a riverboat. With our pilothouse, DQ wheel shaft, Belle brig and various other outdoor exhibits, we really have no need for anything further.

                        Our next big project to undertake will be the restoration of the carriage house with a courtyard suitable for wedding receptions, programs, etc.


                          Howard Museum Riverboat /Carriage House

                          OK will stop looking.What does the carriage house need?Where is it ? What can we do to help?


                            Going to give it a try

                            Don't know how successful that I'm going to be, but I'm going to give it a try starting next week. Will be incorporating a non-profit organization and finding people that I've worked with in the past for the BOD. Modifying the plan now. Hope to have the framework of the plan in place by Thanksgiving. I've put considerable time in researching/planning in the last five years. Have a few technical aspects to figure out, but there is no time like the present.

                            I know a lot of people will say, "Give it a try? Who are you kidding?" Just so you know, I've spent a good part of my life working in public relations, media relations and marketing; film/television productions; politics, worked with/for various non-profits in different capacities; hold a Bachelor's Degree in History; finishing a Master's Degree in History; starting an MBA program; and serve on the Minnesota Civil War Commemoration Task Force as a public member appointed by Governor Mark Dayton (and serve with the Director of the Minnesota Historical Society). So I guess it's up to me to get the ball rolling.


                              give it a try

                              Jeff Go for it.If I can help pls advise.I live in Florida don't know whar I can do but if you think of anything let me know.Carole