The AQ is in town on her down bound UMR trip - but attention Greg Weber - she is in Davenport, at her usual Oneida St. landing, not up in Bettendorf at the casino dock!!!! I was not up to see her land, for one of the few times when I've been in town, but according to the lock page it looked like a 2AM arrival and I've got things to do today which require some clear thinking and a good night's sleep, so I opted out. Those of you on Facebook can go to Capt. Bert Suarez' page and see shots of not only the Oneida landing, but of various sights on the down bound trip. Bert is serving as the after watch pilot. Bert got his river start on the NATCHEZ in her very first year I believe, and for many years was the Captain of the bayou boat VOYAGER which was docked at Canal St. by the PRESIDENT. He also worked on the CREOLE QUEEN and now is on the Belle Chasse ferry, when he isn't on the AQ.
I don't know the departure time, but check the L&D 15 and special bridge cams this afternoon for a look at the AQ. If she leaves at 1, she'd be in view about 1:30; if 4 or 5 a half hour later too.