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Looks like the low water won...AQ

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    Looks like the low water won...AQ

    Crew members aren't allowed to give out information, so if any IT spies from the AQ are reviewing this, I am surmising this from my own experience and viewing of the lock pages, not from any intelligence from crew!
    The AMERICAN QUEEN locked through 4 at Alma yesterday morning and shows up no farther upriver, so I suspect the low water forced her to stop, probably at Red Wing. The river had been closed up there earlier this week, but around-the- clock dredging was going on, so I suspect the company proceeded with the trip hoping to have the river open, but getting as far as they could. Possible ending towns between 4 and 3 would be Wabasha and Red Wing, and Red Wing has been the terminal point many times for the QUEENS. Most of us on here are familiar with NCP, but for occasional readers, there is no shame in having to end a trip short of or at a different destination than scheduled. Navigating Conditions Permitting - and no matter how powerful the head of the company, he/she can't beat Mother Nature. So presumably the passengers are being bussed from wherever up to St. Paul and the reverse will happen for the new passengers. St. Louis to St. Paul sounds better than Alton to Red Wing, but stuff happens!

    This morning at 0100 hours CDST according to AIS the AQ was indeed landed at Red Wing. You're right, Judy, there's no shame in that.