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*Jerry Canavit's new book 'Boiler Explosions'*

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    *Jerry Canavit's new book 'Boiler Explosions'*

    Steamboating colleagues:
    Yesterday a package arrived up here at the local trading post in the north woods from Jerry Canavit, ASN, STEAMBOAT WRITINGS & RESEARCH titled: A GUIDE TO STEAMBOAT BOILER EXPLOSIONS In the United States of America: 1813-2003. And what a fascinating book/folio this is indeed.

    But there's far more than just listings of steamboat boiler accidents than meets the eye. Jerry's incredible research skills, writing provides history from the very beginning covering: The Fulton-Livingston Monopoly, Exploding Steamboats, High Pressure vs. Low pressure, Why did steamboats explode? Safety Devices, The Mechanical Factor, The Human Factor, Other Opinions, Steamboat Racing, An Expert opinion, The First Attempts at Regulation [The Steamboat Act of 1838], Steamboat Explosions in Europe Etc.. His detailed lists from 1813 augmented by pages of boat incidents down to the year 2003. Jerry's scholarly approach far out-weighs the 'gristly' aspects.

    His 'List of Sources Consulted' one fine bibliographical tool. One big job well done by Jerry. This work a must for those seriously interested in all aspects of steamboat development. In many ways the days of emerging steam power for factories, mills, steamboats, steamships, railroads as challenging as the later questions/problems in the development of nuclear energy. Steam was and is still a power to be reckoned with, handled carefully.

    Great work, Jerry. Well, what do I know?

    R. Dale Flick
    Northern shores of Lake Michigan for the summer.

    How might one go about purchasing said book? I did a quick online search and came up with nothing. What is the cost?