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Peter Lassen's "Lady Washington"

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    Peter Lassen's "Lady Washington"

    Tomorrow, I am heading to an area near the 1858 "Plumas" shipwreck. I will be searching for the 1847 water powered grist mill of Peter Lassen. Nearby maybe his cabin site from 1843.

    I was just thinking, that Mr. Lassen had a very small riverboat the "Lady Washington". One of the features we hope to explore is a very low and large depression next to the river in dry land. It is a very odd feature in the terrain. It may be a satellite glitch in the elevation, but could it be a small inlet for Lassen's riverboat? I understand pier out into the river, but where inlets built for the riverboats? Could Lassen have made a parking spot for his little riverboat next to his cabin??

    I will know more tomorrow.

    Dave Freeman

    We did not make access to the possible dock of the Lady Washington, but me macheted a path into the area above it today. This fall when the growth is a bit less dense, we will try for the historical site in this area from 1843. We now have access.