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Live from the Levee and the Steamer NATCHEZ

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    Final NOLA thoughts from the RI levee..

    I had the deck crew, my neighbors Ott and Clarke (Doc) over to LeRichelieu's bar after the Thursday dinner trip. Ott had wanted to have a patio Planters Punch party at the B-K house, but it was too darn hot. Maybe on my next trip. Friday morning I took my usual drive down through the Lower 9th Ward to view the progress - it seems to have slowed up and there are many, many vacant lots. Some streets in the ground zero area have no residences, but outside of an area about 8 blocks long, there is much life especially where the Brad Pitt-financed houses are going up. He has truly been a hero to New Orleanians. After visiting with the former manager of the B_K house in her restored home in Chalmette, I rode the ferry over to the Westbank and got a few pictures of the NATCHEZ downbound across the river. I drove up my old bike route, through Algiers Point, and over the bridge to get back for the 2:30 trip, which had MANY teenagers aboard. One final dinner cruise of narrating, listening to the Dukes while watching the sunset from the roof, visiting in the pilothouse and blowing one more landing whistle, and my NOLA vacation came to a glorious end... I'm aiming for late August - nobody in their right mind goes to NOLA in late August!

    1) those runaway buoys wedged between the CAPES KNOX, KENNEDY
    2) one final sunset over the east bank
    3)a few Brad Pitt - financed houses in the Lower 9th
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      Lower 9th Tourism one in their right mind visits the 9th ward on their NOLA vacation. Ooops, take that back. I've heard they actually had tours to that area following Katrina. Is that still going on? Maybe the tourists thought they would see Bradgelina.. Those new houses should have been built on barges or just not built at all, IMHO.

      Thanx for the info on the shirts. Pricey, but I haven't gotten my birthday present, yet.


        Lower 9th tours

        Yes, Gray Line did have tours, using residents as the guide. I think there might have been others too. I don't think these tours exist today.


          More info on shirts

          Karen has already contacted me. The shirts are $70 with the shipping, in case anyone else is interested. No tax, theoretically, if you don't live or purchase same in Louisiana.


            Oh, I'm interested as I LOVE loud Hawaiian shirts and steamboats, except I was just officially laid off, so don't think I'll be spending $70 for a polyester shirt (I would have to wear a cotton T shirt under it to wear it, as I react poorly to polyester and rayon).
            RATS, they look wonderful.