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A look back at the DELTA QUEEN via an old advertisement

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    *RE: Those DQ doors*
    Hi, Lexie. I also thought the same thing viewing again the two CHARMIN productions. I also thought one shot looked pretty authentic; yet the other production decidedly was a studio 'mock up' for sure. Again, space in even the larger rooms to do such a production pretty confining in those days. Today easier with the new technology camera/sound, light equipment. Somebody mentioned, "Why didn't they show Mrs. Greene descending the grand staircase?" Directors and camera people know the odd angle of people coming down stairs direct head on. It can be akward at times. All I know with a camera is to look, point and click. Later I'll do a forward of the two productions to my now retired P&G advertising buddies to see what they think--or even remember. I'd like to also know what the final tab $$$ from start to finish those productions costs. Probably a pittance compared to such work today with all the color, graphics and digital enhancements. That's the way it was then and we're all here now.

    R. Dale Flick
    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati


      I just got to see the commercials today, because the Ohio River Museum at Clarington had the new Delta Queen room open. That's the only time I recall seeing a toilet paper ad that actually looked dignified!