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Steamboat Emma

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    Steamboat Emma

    Hi, I'm Daniel McCay. I'm
    Horace Edgar Speck Sr. Great Grandson.

    I'm trying to locate any photography of the towboat/steamboat Named Emma. She was owned by the Hoagland Barge Line Company. I'm not sure which river she operated out off.

    I'm also trying to locate any photography of any steamboats that
    my Great-Great- Grandfather James Michael Speck was command of.

    I have some few photo's of the Bob Green
    and the Walter Junior which my great grandfather Horace Edgar Speck Sr, were the command of.

    I believe were both towboats/steamboats that the Hoagland Barge Line owned & operated, out of Bowling Green/ Paducah Kentucky.

    If anyone has any information, please email me at:
    Subject: Speck boats

    Thank you,

    Daniel Horace McCay

    Hi, Daniel, and welcome to Capt. Bill Judd, an occasional poster to this board, is you man on this. I will contact him via email and let him know to look at this thread. I also recommend you join Sons & Daughters of Pioneer Rivermen (S&D). The last S&D Reflector, that organization's quarterly magazine, had a good article on Nashville Bridge Co., builders of many Hougland Boats, and may have an article on Hougland in the not-too-distant future!