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The Badger Season has completed

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    The Badger Season has completed

    The Badger Carferry

    Let's hope the Badger doesn't fall by the way the Delta Queen has....

    She is facing some opposition from some Milwaukee area state assembly members loyal to the Lake Express owners, as well as one of the Illinois US senators.

    Good ole politicians. Who would have ever guessed that they could possibly screw it up another time. Let's hope that the Badger is back in service next year!


      Care2 has an e-petition going against the Badger!

      I just received an email from the Care 2 action folks. The Badger needs a supporting petition, or some way to provide the other side of the story here.
      Here's the URL:


      David Dewey


        Badger Update

        A few weeks ago I e-mailed the BADGER offices about 2013. They are planning on a one-year exemption for 2013 while they plan to convert to gas-fired boilers. They are rebuilding one of the Skinner engines over the winter.



          Reader Ken Buel notified me that in the November 6, 2012 The Wall Street Journal there is an article about the BADGER and her current plight. Preasantly her return to service next year depends if the EPA renews her exemption from regulations that prevent the dumping of coal ash in the water. Her owners are requesting more time to be compliant with coal ash discharge regulations.

          A short video, slide show and readers' comments about the BADGER can be found surfing The Wall Street Journal's website.