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A bonus AMERICAN QUEEN visit

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    A bonus AMERICAN QUEEN visit

    The Steamer AMERICAN QUEEN arrived in Davenport at 5:10 AM today, Monday. She is on an upbound trip, but since it started in Hannibal due to problems with L&D 25, they scheduled stops in Burlington and Davenport to fill the extra time. This is the first time I've observed any QUEEN arrive at the Oneida St. landing coming out of Lock 15 - they've always been downbound and rounded to instead of this direct approach.
    Even though the landing was different, one very familiar and welcome sight was PT on the bow - Capt. Paul Thoene, of the late great MQ is working as Chief Mate. I think the last time I saw him was on the MQ's last stop here in 2006. The pilothouse is being manned by Capts. Joe Jamieson, John Sutton, and Harold Schultz. The AQ passengers can sleep well - their crew is not only experienced but is well experienced up here on the UMR.
    1) the paddlewheel as the AQ passes the Rock Island cityfront.
    2) from the RI levee, Davenport lights in the background.
    3) in Lock 15's main chamber, taken from below the Government Bridge.
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    AQ arriving in Davenport

    1) She is zeroing in on her kevels on the landing.
    2) Fireworks upon arrival? No, just an unsteady hand in the cool night air.
    Departure is 1 PM. As usual this year I've got a meeting this morning so I won't be over there to run errands again. Maybe next week's regularly scheduled stop I can finally get over there during the morning...
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