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MQ steam whistle

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  • Frank X. Prudent
    She had several different whistles during her career and in a couple of different locations aft of the knowledge box. Her first whistle was mounted on a hinge forward of the higher white range light. The light and whistle could be laid back to get under low bridges and such. The whistle could still be blown while broken back. This one was a three bell whistle made for her by Art Davis of Seattle, whom also made her calliope. I never heard it, but reports were that it was rather puny. Sometime before 1978 one of the bells was removed with the hope that with only two chimes the steam available could actually blow the thing. The company wasn't happy with the new sound either and the GORDON C. GREENE's whistle was tried for a short while. Once again the results weren't what the commpany wanted, and the GORDON's whistle was returned to Marietta. The last and final whistle was a single bell three chime Lunkenheimer, similar to the DQ's only a bit larger, which came from the Goltra towboat MISSOURI. This whistle was mounted in a nearby location but could not be turned sideways and still blown. It was on her to the end. Rumors are that it was removed from the boat by people unknown while she was laid up at Perry Street.

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  • George Burch
    started a topic MQ steam whistle

    MQ steam whistle

    I assume the MQ had a steam whistle on board? Does anyone have a picture, history of the whistle, and or description?