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    Webre Steamers

    I am in the process of doing my Webre family tree and would like to have as much information as possible in regards to. Oral history has that my 2 great grandfather, Sylvester and great grandfather Joseph had steamers (or part owner of) to move products and equipment to and from the plantation due to impassable roads to the Mississippi River. I have very little information in regards to and have lots of questions.

    There is a New York Times article of 8-26-1854 in regards to the sinking of the Sylvester Webre 35 miles south of New Orleans killing 3 including Capt. John Sharp.

    A New York Times article of 10-5-1893 in regards to the lost of the Joe Webre at Camanadaville (Grand Isle, La.), the Capt. was either a Mike or John McSwenney.

    Any help or leads in the right direction would be greatly appreciated....Thanks again and looking forward to your reply.


    Way┬┤s Packet Directory is listing

    No. 3037 Joe Webre

    Rig? paddlewheeler built in Bayou Bouef, LA, 1878; 41.39 tons, in 1885 running New Orleans - Grand Isle, three trips a week, Captain A.E. Hotard with Frank Kraus, clerk.

    No. 1088 City of Knoxville

    ... Later sold to New Orleans where Capt. W.D. Terrebonne was master, owned by Jean Webre, Ogene Dugas and A. Dugas, off the list in 1858

    No listing of Captains John Sharp oder Mike/John McSwenney.




      Carman, thanks, No. 1088 City of Knoxville whoses part owner was Jean Webre, this is Sylvester's brother, he had a plantation on Bayou Lafourche in the early 1800's. This shows me that steam boats were the primary means of moving goods in the southeast louisiana bayou area at this time period.

      No. 3037 Joe Webre, little information I have shows
      Built in Pittsburgh, Pa. by Ulyess D. Terrebonne (could this be W. D. Terrebonne, master)
      Refurbished at Bayou Boeuf, La 1878
      14 feet X 116 feet with breadth of beam 22 feet, dept of hold 4 feet
      101 total tons and 12 staterooms with large open air mid-ship
      In 1853 plied Bayou Lafourche between Donaldsonville and Thibodeaux
      In 1885 working New Orleans- Grand Isle, three trips a week