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    Goldenrod Website & Update

    Just a short update about the website/newsletter. I have been working hard to rebuild the Goldenrods website to prepare it for the newsletter. It is almost ready to go, so sign up now. You can sign up by visiting the Goldenrod's website, there is a box on the homepage. Also, If anyone is willing to write an article about the Goldenrod that I can post on the new website it would be awesome. I am looking for personal experiences and stories. I am also looking for some history buffs out there to write articles that I can feature about the history of the Goldenrod. All of the articles will be featured on the website and some featured in the newsletter.

    If there is any information that is incorrect on the website please let me know. Also, if anyone would like to write an article email me at

    Now for the Goldenrod itself- It looks like this long drawn out court deal MIGHT be coming to an end. However, the river is so low that it is impossible to move.. Hopefully we get enough rain so we will be able to move the Goldenrod soon. (if everything works out in the court). I should have an update on this towards the end of the month.

    Keep up the great work Jake! I see exciting days ahead for the GoldenRod. Just a matter of time,money and hard work!