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Happenings at the Howard!

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    Happenings at the Howard!

    Last evening we had a nice attendance (and pleasant weather!) for the "Down by the River" presentation by the Hanover College Traveling Theatre Troupe, sponsored by the Rivers Institute. It included appearances by Robert Fulton, Stephen Foster and Will S. Hays in entertaining "back in time" musical vignettes of river history. Our new pilothouse provided a great background for the show and the students did a terrific job. One of the players told me this was their 39th performance and they have three more to do. Yvonne, Kadie and I were pleased to host them and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Lemonade and cookies were served and the museum received some nice contributions in the donation jar!

    Don't forget that Saturday is RIVER RAMBLINGS at 3:00 PM (EDT) and, due to the nicer weather and lower humidity, we most likely will convene in the carriage house. Judy is already baking her "Steamboat Chocolate Chip" cookies to transport them 400+ miles on Friday to Jeffersonville. Thank you Judy! For more information (including driving instructions) click on Howard Steamboat Museum Jeffersonville, IN.

    Meanwhile, today is my wonderful parent's (Ken and Janet) annniversary of 59 years and tonight we'll dine by the riverside to celebrate. Tomorrow my mother will observe her 80th birthday. What a week!

    Looking forward to seeing y'all soon!

    "Curator Keith"

    Today ON DECK at the Howard Museum

    As sort of a prelude to Saturday's program, I just had a museum visitor who grew up in St. Louis and made many a trip on the ADMIRAL. He also knew all about the GOLDEN EAGLE, J.S. and other boats that were frequently seen on the St. Louis waterfront. A retired airline pilot he now lives in Maryland, but said his heart is still on the Upper Mississippi. He took tons of pictures of our steamboat models, we had a wonderful chat and he left the museum gift shop laden with a cargo of river books. Said he'd love to attend Saturday's program, but is obligated to attend the wedding of his grandson!

    Other visitors today included a delightful family of five from Columbus, Mississippi who knew all about the Tenn-Tom Waterway and a lively man from Australia who "landed" at Jeffersonville today during his boat trip down the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers.

    The Howard truly is a "happening" place!


      I thoroughly enjoyed the drama last night on the museum grounds. It was a most pleasant evening for sure!

      Looking forward to Saturday's event and the prelude and postlude of rides on the BELLE and communing with river friends.

      Wish your mom and dad happy anniversary for me and a happy birthday to your mom.

      It just doesn't get any better than this (well other than riding on a steamboat that is)!


        *CONGRATS to Ken & Janet!*
        Hi, Keith. Thanks for mentioning the big 59th Anniversary of your dad, Ken; mother Janet! Two fine people for sure and you've been blessed with them. You're open houses in the past always marked by fine snacks, talk and warm hospitality. Convey my best wishes to them. Cheers!

        R. Dale Flick
        Summer - northern shores of Lake Michigan.


          Almost time..

          The last batch of cookies are cooling down and my new Toreador Red Ford Escape is partially loaded in anticipation of an 8 AM departure for the Jeffersonville area. I'll drop the cookies off at the museum for more or less safe keeping and then we'll head to Kingfish and the evening BELLE cruise. If anyone else is in town, come join us.
          Saturday's evening meal will again find us at Kingfish, after which we'll gather at the Towne Place Suites for walks down memory lane in the steamboating vein. I'm sure Jim and Annie will have a few more tales to tell that won't fit into their 'formal' presentation in the afternoon.
          Several have asked if there will be a riverboat rummage sale - not this year. The rummagers in chief have been otherwise too occupied to rummage anything. So let's plan a big one for next year, with all proceeds going to the Howard, the little museum that can and does!


            *RE: 'Howard Happenings*
            Hi, Judy & steamboating colleagues:
            Always good reading about news/events at the Howard Museum ['The little museum that can and does.']. Drive safely with all those cookies, Judy.

            Some years back I attended a Howard event perusing the rummage sale and found some pretty nice items: two fine Greek style vases in dark maroon glaze and a carved/gilt wood candle wall sconce. Best wishes to Jim and Annie in their formal pesentation. Keep us posted; give us a run-down in time. Cheers!

            R. Dale Flick
            Summer - northern shores of Lake Michigan where possible strong gale winds are predicted today.


              Getting Ready for Tomorrow's Gathering by the River!

              Busy morning here at "the BIG house" by the river! The cold front passed through last night and today's temperature and low humidity are delightful. Kenny Howe and Jimmy Reising are here setting up the new 55" tv screen, just purchased for special presentations. I've been setting up chairs and sweeping out the carriage house in preparation for tomorrow's program.

              Had a pleasant surprise yesterday when Capt. Bobby Harrison, riverman par excellence, stopped in for a visit. It was good to see him and catch up on a lot of news from UPriver! Capt. Bobby once had the distinction of having the beached hulls of BOTH the steamers CHRIS GREENE and TOM GREENE in his backyard! Also had visitors from an archeological group in Maryland doing research on two early Howard built boats during the brief period in the late 1830's that Howard's operated a shipyard at Madison, Indiana.

              Time to get back to work!


                Friday evening's pre-gala

                It was the usual good meal and pleasant? waitress at Kingfish, followed by a delightfully cool trip on the BELLE. It was an absolutely beautiful evening for a boat ride. Hopefully tomorrow's trip will be equally as pleasant. Here at the Towne Place Suites, it sounds like it might not be too restful - both buildings and the Fairfield next door are full of teens in town for some convention. Ugh.