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What does "Dr" mean?

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    What does "Dr" mean?

    Clarington, OH celebrated its history with the annual Sunfish Creek Festival this past weekend. During the event we had a great crowd in the museum and several asked what the letters "Dr" stand for after the name of a steamboat/packetboat on the freight bills. Those letters also can be found on the stationary of older businesses of the period as well. Had several guesses but none seem to match, i.e. "Direct receipt," "Daily run," and so forth...

    Anyone know the meaning??

    *RE: 'Dr' on steamboat papers etc.*
    Hi, Taylor,
    Heading out before long for a meeting. I've some 'leads' here but want to dig out references on steamboat freight bills from several big Mississippi cotton packets to refresh my memory. Don't want to be wrong at the top of my voice. Many old packet freight contracts also carried insurance coverage even back in the 1850s with disclaimers for "navigation conditions."

    Many of the old steamboat freight bills had other cryptic penned references of a rather obscure nature to us now in the year 2012. I'll get back in time here.

    R. Dale Flick
    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.



      Dr on freight bills and on bills of lading, etc. = Dock Receipt