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    Mighty fine! Looking forward to the "debut" of the mermaids and nameboard next spring! Thanks for saving them!


      Originally posted by Frank X. Prudent View Post
      That is not correct, nor were they ever grey. At one time they were a washed out green that might of looked greyish. When the MQ came out in 1976 the two mermaids and their pilot's wheel were a very dark glossy brown to appear as if they were bronze. There were some gold highlights too.
      I had discovered a number of slides from my grandfather's & brother's 1976 MQ Louisville to NOLA trip and upon showing those same slides to the Midwest Riverboat Buffs in Keokuk last week...they were a bronze color!


        Mermaids and Pilothouse sign

        Here are a few shots that were taken this morning. I am happy to report that the mermaids are now sitting comfortably on their new platform facing the river and that the sign has now been painted a second time in 12 months and is secured under the mermaids.

        They are now done and this is now their semi permanent home, awaiting their next big adventure, whenever that comes.

        A couple of comments:

        We raised the mermaid(s) platform a foot and extended it out towards the river about 3ft. This allowed us to bolt the sign in underneath. The mermaids are now bolted down to.

        To the trained eye, you will notice a slight change in color(s) used on the sign. You see, the sign was caught up in a big wind storm a couple of weeks ago and was tossed down the hill, taking a ride through the rocks and sliding down the concrete drive. Back on the trailer for another trip to the body shop, then sign shop, then body shop, then home. We decided to try and match the colors more closely to the mermaids.

        Next addition will be a brass steam whistle, which should happen in the next few weeks.

        First shot, looking downriver towards Louisville

        #2, looking upriver towards the Louisville Water Tower

        #3 side shot looking up, and yes the may flies are out.
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          Mermaids and sign now done

          A few more

          #1 Close up

          #2 far away

          #3 The Belle and the Girls. Thanks to Pete and the entire crew for the whistle salute(s)
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