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Its happened: MQ stuff shows up on EBAY

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    Mermaids at sunrise

    Beautiful Jerry. I've got lots of sunset pictures, but I didn't make many sunrises!


      *RE: Fred Way & the Mermaids*

      EUREKA! By golly and by gosh Frank woke me up here with his recollection of Fred Way's comments in a REFLECTOR. Now that comes back vididly. 'Takes a village to tell a steamboat story with facts.' Thanks Frank. Now we possibly can begin steamboat forensics on the company in the U.K. Can't wait to begin sleuthing the web sites for a possible clue. Cheers!

      Dale Flick in total wonderment!


        Seems to me that we just need to find that Reflector article. There was a photo of the English design group and of the particular female artist whom created the mermaids.


          *RE: Fred Way's Mermaid article*

          Hi, Frank & Steamboating colleagues:
          I've been in a frenzy washing, mounting storm doors here for winter but darted in to check .org. My REFLECTOR issues packed in chrono order in dusty boxes in the storage room. Here presents an evening search and dig. Like Judy, I hope my resident 'steamboat gremlin' hasn't lifted them or moved things around. Why do they do this? If/when I organize/arrange things in order I forget what I've done. Best to leave things in a mess as it's always easier to find.
          Likewise, I've clicked today a slew of mermaid modelers/molders/makers in the U.K. and here finding a zillion companies and/or sales offers. Many come close...very those on the late, lamented MQ but not quite the same. Several companies up near Chicago also found. Makers produced such in plastic, resins, tin, bronze, iron with nearly the same pose; and these babies don't come cheap. One in metal at 34 inches rings in at some $3,000 plus--40 to 60 days delivery time if new, mind you. Cheers!

          R. Dale Flick
          Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.


            Old notes among "Judd's Junk" says that a British sculpture artist by the name of Patricia Turner designed and constructed the mermaids in her studio at Carshalton,G.B


              Coke Bottling Company of New York, not The Atlanta, GA Company of that era. Suspect Coke Atlanta now owns what was then Coke Bottling New York.



                I got this reply from the seller on Daisy here it is.
                "Thank you Ed for your interest in wanting to see the mermaid. Unfortunately it is in South Louisiana where it was dismantled. I have a home here in Tennessee which is where my ebay address is listed. I also reside in Pierre Part, LA half the time. I must tell you thou that seeing her being dismantled was sad. I went weekly to see how far that had gone and took photos of it each time. She was a beautiful steamboat. I am planning on visiting the Delta Queen sometime in the near future and perhaps i can meet you and show you the pictures. If you do know of anyone else that may be interested in her, please let me know. Thank you."
                If she gets to the Queen I plan to pick her brain on how she aquired it.


                  I tried to find out more about the artist, but she has a common name and so a bunch of artists with the same name popped up. None of them, from what I could tell, seemed to be the creator of the mermaids.


                    Originally posted by Judy Patsch View Post
                    Suzanne Martinez has found an MQ mermaid for sale on EBAY. They were both at the shipyard when Doc and I visited Aug. 2. We asked about an auction and they said there would be one, but I sure never heard anything about one. Did anyone else hear? The seller lives in Tennessee. Anyone know her? So it will be interesting to see what else appears on EBAY now.
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                    I am a newbie on the Forum but have been lurking in the distance for some time. I found your site while searching for news on the MQ and DQ several months back. We live on the Ohio in Jeffersonville IN just 2 doors uppriver from Jeffboat. I was in High School while the MQ was built and drove by each day and saw the construction.

                    I would have some interest in trying to locate and buy both statues and the wheel and locating them to the river hillside where we live so that that could live on for many years, and be seen by all those passing by on the river. Any help that one might provide in locating and purchasing them at a reasonable price is appreciated.

                    I know that there was controversy over the bare busted girls, but still they were a part of history and what made the MQ what it was. it would be nice to see them reunited and continue to look over the river for generations to come.

                    I had hoped that the Howard Museum would acquire them and perhaps the paddlewheel, but I guess that is not to be.


                      MQ mermaids

                      This mermaid listed for $5000 on EBay is the only one whose location is known for sure - both were at the Argosy Boat Co. in Belle River LA on Aug. 2 when I visited. I doubt if the seller is going to get $5000 for the mermaid, so you might contact her after the sale and make an offer. Since she lives near the boat company, she should also know the whereabouts of the other one. As we understood it when we talked with the guard, it was going to be Argosy Boat. Co. which sold the artifacts they had saved, so you might phone them to see what is left. They had the big stern nameboard inside the shed, as well as the Welcome sign. Searchlights were lying in the mud, and the remnants of the calliope were by the mermaids. You are correct that the Howard is not buying the mermaids - the wheel was dismantled at Argosy. The bell was promised to the Howard but has not yet arrived. Good luck on your mission!


                        "Searchlights were lying in the mud, and the remnants of the calliope were by the mermaids. "

                        What a WASTE!! I know the B of L or the Natchez was wanting to buy the lights before they were cut off.
                        Scrappers can be so um, thoughtless?--I knew one who took delight in destroying stuff that he could have sold for much more than scrap price (mostly antique car stuff).
                        David D.


                          Wht the NATCHEZ wanted

                          Yes, the NATCHEZ crew went over to the Harvey Canal several times and went aboard looking at possible items. They wanted ONE searchlight, but the owner would only sell both for about $5000, so they declined. They also wanted an overhead spool for the shoreline and a stern capstan. When they got to deal with the person at Argosy, the lights had been cut off, the spools gone, but they did buy one stern capstan. I'm wondering what happened to the running lights, which were on her all the way to Belle River, and the signs they removed intact and had in the shed at Argosy...


                            No Mermaids on the Model

                            The large model of the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN which we have on display at the Howard Steamboat Museum is very detailed, but does NOT feature the mermaids. Above the calliope whistles are two cherubs tooting trumpets!


                              I spoke with the seller and holder of the statues last night. It was very hard to get a handle on what they have, and how they acquired them. I am now told though that they have reunited both girls and would prefer to sell them as a pair. I asked and was told that the "wheel" is gone.

                              I was told that they offered this to the museum in exchange for a for a tax deduction certificate and now they are trying to sell them. I am told that condition on one is fair and the other is poor, now having some cracks in the tail, with one of the two having a missing finger. They believe that the construction material is fiberglass but not sure. Either way it sounds like they would need quite a bit of restoration.

                              The asking price for the pair is $7500.00 and they would prefer to deliver them for a fee. They stated that they are fragile and it would be difficult and expensive to ship them.

                              They mentioned that the bell was supposed to go to the museum but did not know the status. They also mentioned that they knew the where-a-bouts of the whistle. They also have some sections of handrail and went on to add that the caliope was destroyed along with pretty much everything else. The girl listing the ebay add claims to have a number of pictures that might be worth pursueing?

                              I am still trying to work a deal to purchase but don't know that it will happen. My guess is that they will end up in somebody's camp or bar and eventually disapear. The reality of what they are really worth and how much of an audience there really is Vs what they want to sell them for ar ecompeting issues.

                              Will keep you posted on any progress.


                                MQ remains

                                If the wheel to which you refer is the one the mermaids were holding, it was purloined while the boat was still at Perry St. in New Orleans. I think the calliope whistles disappeared then too. This seller obviously knows somebody at Argosy, as they were going to have a sale or auction of the remains, but we've never heard of such happening. I suspect this person went in and made an offer so they never bothered with a formal sale. There should have been running lights, searchlights, and signs also available, which were there on Aug. 2 when I visited. We saw a section of decking with stairs and rails and also the octagonal viewing platform in front of the pilothouse lying on the grounds too. They've probably cut those things into sections for sale. I posted pictures of this wreckage back in August: